Human being detection within critical areas


Human being detection within critical areas

An innovative AI-based family of detection modules

IRIS™ is a family of innovative detection modules able to identify the presence and the position in 3D space of one or more instances of categories of interest within an inspection volume configurable during installation. A special care was devoted to the classification of human beings, nonetheless a broad selection of different categories is available. The whole family is based on cutting-edge AI technology coupled with 3D computer vision. The wide range of IRIS™ modules allows every user to always find the best solution for their applications in terms of effectiveness and costs.

Safety and beyond

Thanks to their unique properties IRIS™ modules are able to deal with a wide range of safety applications, both indoor and outdoor. A first major feature is the possibility to limit the analysis to one or more volumes of any shape, of which boundaries can be either physical or virtual. A second important feature is the system’s ability to estimate the current actual danger, so allowing the user to optimally react to handle the situation. Beyond safety, IRIS™ modules can also be effectively used in any application that requires performing a human or an object detection. A single module can manage up to two points of view, multiple modules can be coupled to obtain a wider analysis area or to achieve a greater redundancy.

The system’s brain

The IRIS™ brain is a small-sized module that performs all the computational tasks onboard and can manage up to two acquisition devices. The analysis results are communicated to an external device by means of either a TCP/IP open string-based protocol or digital IOs. An operator can log into a module through a web interface, accessible by any browser or device.

IRIS™ is covered by the Italian patents No. 102017000064268, 102017000064301 and by the following patent pending applications No. EP3635614, US 2020/0097758.

System features

Performances are extremely high in terms of both precision and recall, even in case of fraudulent behavior.

The system is able to estimate the current actual danger.

A web interface, accessible by means of any browser or device (including tablets and smartphones), allows an operator to perform all the configuration and inspection tasks.

Accuracy is not affected by temperature or sunlight.

The inspection volume as well as the overall redundancy can be adapted to the specific application needs.

The analysis results are communicated through TCP/IP or digital IOs.

IRIS™ can be supervised by a SCADA system.

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