Double Detection System


Double Detection System

Have your items been properly singularized?

DDS™ is a family of innovative measurement and advanced classification systems able to check whether within an inspection area on a conveyor belt the transiting items have been properly singularized by an upstream dedicated process. It proved to be effective with any kind of item, from big parcels to small flyers, of whichever color.

Have your items been properly morphologically classified?

The optional module MDM enables the system also to assess the item’s morphological class.

The control logic

It can be used in either an open-loop or a closed-loop control logic. The latter represents the most effective solution, as it allows the system integrator to reduce the quantity of the upstream singularization modules needed without decreasing the system throughput and effectiveness.

Our clients

DDS™ systems are currently in operation in several sites in UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Australia.

System features

Framed area: 1200 x 600 mm (system mounted at 1720 mm from the conveyor belt)

Maximum item height: 1000 mm

Maximum conveyor belt speed:
DDS-L: 1.0 m/s
DDS-S: 1.6 m/s

Communication with the singularization system PLC: modbus + digital IO

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