About us

MecTho was founded in 2015 as an innovative startup by Alessandro Basso, PhD, Mario Galimberti and Mechanica Group.
Basso and Galimberti have more than 15 years’ experience in computer vision and artificial intelligence both in industry and in academia. They received a Gold Medal at the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards for their contribute to innovation within the international machine vision community.

Mechanica is an Italian industrial group operating worldwide with more than 40 years’ experience in several fields, such as industrial automation and handling systems for logistics and airports.

MecTho is holder of five patents and is part of NVIDIA Inception Program.

Our purpose

To get the most out of cutting-edge technology to contribute to the common good.

Our vision

A fairer and safer world thanks to accessible technology.

Our mission

We are devoted to continuously enhance the markets where we operate by improving workers’ safety and well-being and providing clients and final users with a great added value.

We work at the edge of technology in order to ensure the best performances and to rapidly satisfy new markets’ needs and demands.

We are engaged to develop and to bring to market highly innovative and reliable off-the-shelf products and solutions, easy to install, use and maintain after installation.

Our products and solutions

MecTho has developed and brought to market a wide range of innovative products based on computer vision and artificial intelligence, performing the following tasks:

  • Highly accurate image-based dimensional measurement
  • Object detection, segmentation and classification
  • Decision making based on image analysis and interpretation

and being able to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of security access control
  • Increase safety in airports and workplaces
  • Build new generation solutions for logistic and post centers
  • Improve quality control procedures